Poetry scholarships for college students are unknown, unusual, strange and sometimes simple.

A Simple Poetry Scholarships Contest

After his death, his family deciding that one of the most fitting memorials they could offer to the contributions made by his life was a simple scholarship for poetry. This annual poetry scholarships contest was begun in 1999, and has continued each year since.

The annual Bob Schulz Poetry Contest is open to students in middle school. These students may attend middle school in Emmett County, Michigan, or they may be home schooled. In addition to this group of students, any student who is a summer visitor to the area is also eligible to enter and participate.

One student will be chosen from among all the entries to win the simple poetry scholarship prize of $100. In addition, local libraries and middle schools have also contributed prizes for participating students. The poem scholarship is awarded by a committee formed from members of Mr. Schulze’s family, who decide which is the winning poem.

Over 150 poems were entered by students from five different middle schools for the 2008 poem contest, for which the deadline was November 7, 2008. No winner has yet been selected for this year’s poetry contest.

Last year, however, 110 students submitted poems. The winning entry was submitted by a middle school student named Katerina Crowley, who wrote an eloquent poem entitled “Butterflies are Delicate Flowers.” Her delicate touch with words earned her the Bob Schulze scholarship for poetry.

The efforts of these middle school students are an excellent reminder to both teachers and parents that artistic talent should be nurtured and encouraged whenever and wherever possible. Too often, students express an interest in writing or reading poetry, and adults fail to take these beginning efforts seriously.

Writing great poetry may take time and years of practice, as well as artistic talent, but it doesn’t happen overnight. These simple scholarships for poetry contests are an excellent way to help children practice this literary art and win a little extra money as well. While it may not provide a huge tuition scholarship for college, every future poet needs a beginning to their literary career. For Bob Schulze, this career started in middle school, and his family has chosen to make his legacy a unique gift of giving this start to another student as well.

If you know a middle school student who is a resident of Emmett County, Michigan, encourage him or her not to let this tiny, but unique, poetry scholarship go unclaimed. Who knows, perhaps you may have just encouraged the next Bob Schulze to pass on his or her love of poetry to the next generation!

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