Poetry scholarships for college students are unknown, unusual, strange and sometimes simple.

Unusual Poetry for Scholarships for Graduate Students


Some unusual poetry for scholarships for graduate students exist today, which allow making scholarships for graduate students a little easier today. If you’re a graduate student trying to find these unusual scholarships for college, you’ve probably already learned that it’s a lot harder to find tuition scholarships for your graduate degree than it was for your undergraduate education. While finding these college graduate scholarships is harder, they do exist and are by no means impossible to find – you just have to know where to look. Here is one poetry scholarship designed especially for students just like you!

Students who are interested in pursuing a Master of Fine Arts Degree at New England College, located in New Hampshire, can major in poetry. Only serious students are accepted, however; entry requirements for poetry majors include a manuscript submission of ten pages of recent poetry written by the applicant. Critical thinking is also important; students are expected to submit a critical essay concerning a poetic work written by someone other than themselves as well.

New England College (NEC), however, is serious about graduating those students whose unique skills and unusual talent qualifies them for admission. The school offers a number of merit scholarships for students. Some of these poem scholarships are based solely on artistic talent, while others also consider financial need.

One such scholarship is the Joel Oppenheimer Scholarship. This unusual man taught at the college for six years, from 1982 until his retirement, shortly before his death from cancer, in 1988. More than a dozen collections of his poetic works have been published.

Oppenheimer served as the first director of the St. Mark’s Poetry Project in Greenwich Village, and lived for a time among the poets and artists there. Although he attended Cornell University, the University of Chicago, and Black Mountain College in North Carolina, he never obtained a college degree. Despite this, however, he has earned a unique but fitting reputation as an outstanding poet of the late twentieth century.

Naropa University, located in Boulder, Colorado, also offers poetry scholarships for graduate students pursuing a Master of Fine Arts Degree. The Ted Berrigan Scholarship is offered to one student in the second year of his or her Master Degree program. The amount of this unusual scholarship for college is sufficient to cover the cost of tuition during the student’s Summer Writing Program.

Like NEC, Naropa University expects serious students to apply for this college scholarship for poetry award. A five- to ten-page sample of the student’s work is expected to accompany the college scholarships application. Accepted applications will also include an essay describing the student’s involvement in campus life and the writing/poetry department of the university.

While these unusual scholarships for postgraduate students are sometimes difficult to find, keep searching and don’t lose heart. If you’re serious about the pursuit of your art, don’t let these unknown college poetry scholarships go unclaimed because you are too timid to apply or ask professors to take your literary contributions seriously.

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    Here are some tips and advice in finding scholarships for graduate students:

    File your FAFSA (Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant) early. This will allow you to apply for scholarships quickly. Some college and federal scholarships require you have completed the FAFSA before they can grant you the scholarship.

    You don’t have to pay for a scholarship search to see if you qualify for a scholarship for post graduate students. Many places offer them for free and you can read about one of the largest places to check for you at scholarships for graduate students. There are many places on the internet that may want a fee to check for you but this is totally not neccessary. Do it for free yourself. It’s fast and easy to do too.

    Many scholarships every year are not used up so there are many available. Do not get discouraged and keep applying to as many places as you can. Try the shotgun approach when applying for graduate student scholarships. Apply, apply, and apply more. Get up the next day and do it again. Do not get frustrated at the process. This is how you will land a post graduate scholarship. Pretty soon you will get some leads on colleges who may offer you some post graduate scholarship money. But; don’t stop there…keep on applying some more. Look at the whole process as WORKING for yourself. Because you will eventually secure yourself some type of scholarship.

    If your short on time, then first use the scholarship search engine I mentioned above help find you something. That’s what it’s there for, and it is free to use.

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    Another unusual grant scholarship is the National Security Education Program’s Boren Awards for International Study. This program offers both undergraduate and graduate study abroad scholarships to U.S. students who are interested in studying in areas that are critical to U.S. Interests. Several internet information sessions are available, and the deadline for the award is February 11, 2009, so find out more now if you are interested!

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