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High School Essay Scholarship Contest in Writing from YAHSP

The Young Authors Head Start Program (YAHSP), a high school essay contest for scholarships in writing, is sponsored by Elder & Leemaur Publishers. This publishing program is open to high school students as well as current undergraduates all across North America. The mission of the YAHSP is to encourage youths to examine opportunities in professional writing careers. Some of those careers would be novel writing, current events or journalism. The Young Authors Head Start Program is designed to give students in high school the opportunity to have their initial literature works published absolutely free. In addition they are entered into ongoing writing scholarships that are available nationwide. The students are not only offered financial awards but are encouraged to develop their creative and analytical ability. This medium is an opportunity for the students to have their ideas presented and shared on the national level. This program is designed to be a building block for the future of young authors.

The high school essay contest for scholarships being offered by Elder & Leemaur Young Author Head Start Program is the “Challenge the Experts”. This scholarship contest is open to current undergraduate studying in any particular field as well as juniors and seniors in high school. The winners of this essay scholarship contest are chosen completely on the quality of the work they submit. The Challenge the Experts writing scholarship is an essay contest. The essay must not be more than 500 words. The deadline to apply for this scholarship contest is July 1st of the applicable year. The winner of this scholarship essay contest will receive up to $10,000. The scholarship essay must be written on one of the following topics:

1. Many experts believe that voter turnout continues to decline because people have lost faith in their political leaders. Do you agree or disagree and why?
2. Many experts believe that we are heading towards a global recession. Do you agree or disagree and why?
3. Many exerts believe that a major catastrophic event will occur in the year 2012. Do you agree or disagree and why?

Typically there are 3 or 4 scholarship essays deadlines offered each year. The student may apply to as many deadlines as they wish but only submit one essay per deadline. In order for a student author to receive a writing scholarship, his or her essay on one of the topics provided must finish in the top 1-2% of all submissions. If this occurs then Elder & Leemaur Publishers will feature the essays in their next publication. Once the staff determines the essays that will be published a separate panel of judges will determine which essays qualify for the scholarships. The entire process normally takes around 3 or 4 month to complete.

If you are a student attending an educational facility in Canada or the United States then you are eligible for these high school essay scholarships, regardless of your citizenship. If you are one of the winners selected you will be notified by telephone and your check will be sent to your residence. All eligible students are encouraged to apply and get a head start on your professional writing careers. For more information please visit High School Essay Contest in Writing from YAHSP.

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