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The Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Scholarship Contest

The L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Scholarship Contest takes place every 3 months all year long. The contest is designed to help locate new and amateur writers of science fiction and fantasy. L. Ron Hubbard created the Writers of the Future Scholarship Contest in 1983. He had been helping young writers since as far back as 1935. It was his vision that only professional writers could judge the winners of this contest. The writing contest has been very successful. It is hard to imagine the impact these writing competitions have had. Hundreds of new writers have been discovered through this amazing writing scholarship contest. L. Ron Hubbard died in 1986 but his dream of a writing scholarship contest to assist up and coming writers is still going strong.

The purpose of the Writers of the Future contest is to provide opportunities for young writers of short stories or novels of fantasy and science fiction. There is no fee for entering this contest. Any literature that is submitted remains the copyright of the author. As always, only professional writers will judge this contest. The writing scholarship contest is offered every 3 months beginning on March 31, than June 31, September 31 and December 31 of the applicable year. Every 3 months participants will have the opportunity to win a first prize of $1,000. A second prizewinner will receive $750 and the third prize is $500. There will be an annual grand prize of $5,000.

There is no entry fee required but all work must be original and in English. No Plagiarism will be tolerated. The judges will make the determination if there is too much sex or violence in your work. None of the work submitted can be previously published material. In order to qualify all entries must be up to 17,000 words in length. The work must also be works of prose. No poetry or children’s literature will be accepted for this contest. The writing scholarship contest is only available for writers who have not published a novel or short novel. All entries must be received by the end of the previous quarter. All winners will also receive certificates and trophies to add to their monetary awards. It is very important that all entries are formatted in a professional manner and edited for excellence. Once you have won a Ron Hubbard writers contest, you are no longer authorized to enter another Ron Hubbard writers contest. Only one submission is allowed per quarter.

L. Ron Hubbard also sponsors the Illustrators of the Future Contest with the purpose of keeping the bond between illustrator and writer solid. These writers contest are internationally known. Works from the winners are published annually in the Writers of the Future Anthology. This entire book is made up of works from winners of the writing and illustrators contest. Since the writing scholarship contest begun more than 250 novels and 2,500 short stories have made it to the bookshelves. The Writers of the Future Scholarship Contest is also known for being part of the triad of speculative fictions most prestigious in literary excellence with Hugo and Nebula awards. Go to writing scholarship contest for more information.

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