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Unknown Prize in Ethics Scholarship Essay Contest

The Elie Weisel Foundation for Humanity sponsors the unknown Prize in Ethics Scholarship Essay Contest. Elie Weisel was awarded the Noble Peace Prize in 1986. In memory of the Holocaust the foundation was established with a heartfelt mission. Their goal is to combat indifference, intolerance and injustice for all who inhabit our planet. Their desire is to accomplish this through international dialogue and youth focused programs that promote acceptance, understanding and equality.

The scholarship essay contest was established in 1989. The foundation believes that education and ethics should be inseparable. That is why the Prize in Ethics Scholarships Essay Contest was created. These unknown scholarship awards are offered annually. All applications must be received on or before January 9th of the applicable year.

Five scholarship essay awards are issued for the Prize in Ethics Essay Contest each year. Winner of the first prize will receive $5,000. The winner of the second prize will receive $2,500. The winner of the third prize gets $1,500 and the remaining two honorable mentions will be issued $500 each. To be eligible for these essays for scholarship awards the applicants must be registered undergraduates and full time juniors or seniors at an accredited four- year college or university in the United States. Each student will be required to have a Facility Sponsor. The Facility Sponsor may be any professor at the student’s school. The Facility Sponsor’s responsibility will be to review the students essay prior to submission as well as sign the entry form.

Every year the Elie Wiesel Foundation For Humanity presents suggested Essay Topics. However, the students are encouraged to write about any subject that they feel strongly about as long as it is related to ethics. Here are some of the suggestions for the 2009 competition.

1. What does your own experience tell you about the relationship between politics and ethics and in particular what could be done to make politics more ethical?
2. Clearly analyze the relationship between religion and ethics in today’s world.
3. Articulate with clarity an ethical issue that you have encountered and analyze what it has taught you about ethics and yourself.

The scholars and educational leaders who will be judging these essay competitions look for clear articulation and genuine grappling with an ethical dilemma. They also look for originality and imagination. The eloquence of writing style is also evaluated. The panel also ensures that all the rules and guidelines have been adhered too when completing the essay. The students are encouraged to present questions, issues and identify dilemmas in their 3,000 to 4,000-word essay. It does not matter whether the essay is written in formal or informal voice as long as the individual voice is evident in the essay. The essay must hold the students point of view. The essay must be original, unpublished work of the individual student. Only one essay per student per year may be submitted.

The Prize in Ethics Essay Scholarships Contest allows the undergraduate student to present his or her ideals on ethics. The purpose is to get the students to use their educational accomplishments to apply thought on opportunities for change in the world of ethics. For more information go to the Prize in Ethics Scholarship Essay Contest.

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