Poetry scholarships for college students are unknown, unusual, strange and sometimes simple.

Essay Scholarship Contests for College

Scholarship Essay Contests for College

Essay Scholarships

There are many essay scholarship contests that award prize money in the form of scholarships for college. If you’ve looked into various essay scholarships in trying to get the majority of your education paid for with scholarship and grant money – as you should be doing – make sure that you don’t overlook the value of a simple essay contest.

One essay contest to consider is the “Dream Deferred – Essay Contest on Civil Rights in the Mideast.” This scholarship essay contest awards approximately $10,000, and for each level, there is one winner in the Middle East and one winner in the United States – with the essays written from the two different views. Learn more about it at essay scholarship contest.

The Mensa Foundation also has an essay scholarships contest that awards scholarships for a well written essay. Last year, they awarded over $75,000. The essay written for Mensa must be based on your career goals, your academic goals, and your vocational goals. The winners are selected solely based on the essays submitted, with no regard to academic scores or financial need. This is an unusual twist for them. You can learn more by going to the Mensa Foundation essay scholarship contest.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars has a very rewarding scholarship essay contest. Each year, there is a new theme, such as “Does My Generation Have a Role in America’s Future?” The winning essay writer gets $30,000 sent to their school, and other winners receive between $1000 and $16,000. The number of winners is not stated, but the VFW provides approximately $3 million in essay scholarships each year. You can learn more on the VFW essay scholarship contest.

Abbott and Fenner Business Consultants have a college essay scholarship contest that provides the winner with $1000 to put towards the cost of college. The topic changes from year to year, but the award amount stays the same. Often, depending on the entries that are received, more than one winner will be selected each year. You can learn more about the Abbott and Fenner Business Consultants essay scholarships contests.

Scholarship Experts offer numerous essay contests, with different topics, with awards ranging from $1000 to $5000. Topics include how $5000 would help your education, what you would do over in your life and why, what you would do if you were granted a super power, what you would say to the admissions officer at your selected school if given the opportunity, and what you would say to someone who thinks that education isn’t important. You can learn more about these scholarship essay contest.

Finally, the National Writers Association has numerous essay scholarship contests available. There is a category for the Young Writers Award, the Poetry Contest, the David Raffelock Award, the Short Story Contest, the Non-Fiction Contest, and the Novel Contest.

There are countless other scholarships essay contests that you should participate in. These scholarships for essay contests can be very lucrative, and even small award amounts, when combined, could pay for your entire education. Always be on the lookout for essay scholarship opportunities, and remember that word processors are wonderful things, as long as you can express yourself well in your writing.

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