Poetry scholarships for college students are unknown, unusual, strange and sometimes simple.

Unknown Poetry Awards Scholarships from ISU


If you’re considering a degree in English, take a moment to read about the unknown poetry awards and scholarships for poetry available to students attending Illinois State University (ISU). Whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student, you may be eligible to win a poetry award or scholarship.

One of these unfamiliar poetry scholarships is the William Morgan Poetry Award. This unknown scholarship was named after an individual who taught in the ISU English Department for 31 years. How do you merit this financial aid scholarship? First, you have to be an enrolled student at Illinois State University who is majoring in English.

If you are an undergraduate student, you must be able to write quality poetry, as well as to understand and critically evaluate other poetic works. Graduate students or PhD candidates must demonstrate these accomplishments as well, but must also demonstrate excellence in poetry pedagogy.

In addition to these requirements, students at all levels are required to include a minimum of five pages of their own poetry, as well as at least six pages of scholarly writing concerning the subject of poetry. If no qualified students meet the April 1 deadline for this scholarship for poetry, the tuition scholarship is simply not awarded for that year.

The Tom Kuster Creative Writing Award is another outstanding and unknown poetry for scholarships award available to ISU students. This financial aid scholarship is offered to upperclassmen or graduate students who demonstrate both financial need and promise in the specialty of writing or poetry arts.

One unusual feature of this poetry award is the scholarship alternates each year. During even-numbered years, the criteria for submission are based on creative writing abilities. In contrast, during odd-numbered years, students are expected to submit poetry for consideration for the scholarship award.

ISU is also home to the Brome Creative Writing Award. Although not limited strictly to poetic submissions, this scholarships money is available to students who write works of drama, poetry, or fiction. This award is only offered to the outstanding senior writing student enrolled in the university for the given year.

In order to qualify for the Brome Award, students must submit their choice of prose, poetry, or drama. Applicants may choose to enter either five poems, a single play, or a work of prose fiction consisting of a minimum of twenty five pages. As stated previously, any senior student enrolled in the university is eligible to apply for this $100 prize.

As with each of the preceding awards, the English Department reserves the unique right not to award the scholarship at all if no senior student is considered outstanding in that school year.

The excellent English Department at Illinois State University is committed to graduating accomplished students who excel in poetry and other creative writing arts. The unusually strong commitment to ensuring that students receive adequate recognition for their hard work and accomplishments is made evident by the large number of unknown poetry awards and scholarships available.

Do you think you have strong poetry and creative writing skills? Then perhaps Illinois State University is the choice for you. Are you ready to find out with one of ISU’s little known poetry awards or poetry scholarships 2009?

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  • admin says:

    The the scholarships for graduate student awards and programs at Illinois State University english department also have the below poetry awards and scholarships available:

    Anna Keaton English Scholarship
    English Department Graduate Teaching Awards
    George R. Canning Scholarship
    Publication Unit Publishing Award
    Maurice Scharton Scholarship
    Taimi Maria Ranta Children’s and Young Adult Literature Scholarship
    Tom Kuster Creative Writing Award
    William Morgan Poetry Award
    You can go directly to poetry awards for more.

  • admin says:

    Illinois State University has “Selected University Awards” which are different from above post. They are:

    Graduate School Awards
    Illinois State Foundation Fellowship
    University Club Scholarship
    You can read more at Illinois State University Graduate Program Awards

  • Kourtney says:

    I’m a freshman in high school with (as people say) absurd English skills.
    I want to find a poetry, short story, or essay contest for a scholarship for when I graduate.
    My family is rather poor, but I’m in Upward Bound and make A’s and high B’s.

  • admin says:


    start applying to all the writing contest you can – poetry/essay/short story/ anything to get practice and to possibly win something. There are many you can apply to. Just apply directly to each one you see on our website and others you find too and don’t stop. You will eventually get what your looking for.

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