Poetry scholarships for college students are unknown, unusual, strange and sometimes simple.

poetry competitions

Dream Quest One Poetry & Writing Contest Scholarships

The Dream Quest One Poetry & Writing Contest and Scholarships are international and ongoing, with closing dates in the Summer and Winter of each year.

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Poem Scholarships and Competitions

Budding poets looking for additional money for college expenses may wish to apply for one of several poem scholarships and competitions for all students.

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Poetry Scholarships 2012

Aspiring writers will find there are numerous poetry scholarships 2012 available this year.

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Competing in Poetry Contests for High School Students

For those of you in HS who love poetry can compete in poetry contests for high school students and start saving money to support themselves through college.

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Poetry Scholarships from NFSPS Poetry Competitions

If you attend an accredited college as a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior then you can win poetry scholarships from the NFSPS poetry competitions.

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