Poetry scholarships for college students are unknown, unusual, strange and sometimes simple.

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Poem Scholarships and Competitions

Budding poets looking for additional money for college expenses may wish to apply for one of several poem scholarships and competitions for all students.

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Poetry Scholarships from NFSPS Poetry Competitions

If you attend an accredited college as a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior then you can win poetry scholarships from the NFSPS poetry competitions.

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A Simple Poetry Scholarships Contest

A simple poetry scholarships contest in memory of Bob Schulze. This annual poem scholarship contest was begun in 1999 till today.Simple scholarships for poetry.

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Poetry Out Loud Poetry Scholarships are Unknown

Poetry Out Loud poetry scholarships award you up to $20,000 in unknown scholarships for college to pay your tuition. Poems for scholarships.

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Rock Paper Scissors WCDR Unique Poetry Competition

Rock Paper Scissors with WCDR through a free poetry competition. This poem competition is in honor of Dan Sullivan who won the WCDR poetry contest.

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