Poetry scholarships for college students are unknown, unusual, strange and sometimes simple.

Poetry Scholarships from NFSPS Poetry Competitions

If you attend an accredited college or university as a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior then you can win poetry scholarships from the NFSPS poetry competitions. They are called the NFSPS College/University Poetry Level Scholarship Awards. A poem scholarship of $500 will be issued to two students. The first will be the Edna Meudt Memorial Award and the second will be the Florence Kahn Memorial Award. These poem contest recognize the outstanding work of poets at the college and university level. These 2 memorial poetry contest awards are in honor of two women who loved poetry and believed in the power of love and inspiration that poetry can deliver. The National Federation of State Poetry Societies is proud to present these poetry scholarships in their memory to the poets who meet the following criteria.

The applicant will have to submit ten original poems. Each poem must be no longer than 46 lines in length. Each poem cannot have more than 50 characters per line. All entries must be submitted between January 1st and February 1st of the applicable year. The federation will select the winners by March 31st of the applicable year. The winners will be announced by no later than April 15th of the applicable year. The federation will notify the winners state poetry society. The award winning manuscripts will be published by NFSPS. When this is accomplished each winner will receive 75 copies of the published manuscript. The winners of the 2009 poem competition will attend the national convention in Duluth, MN and be asked to read from their manuscripts. The winners will also be issued a $300 travel voucher when they receive their award. Any costs beyond the $300 will be the responsibility of the winners.

As a non-profit organization, the National Federation of State Poetry Societies (NFSPS) is focused on educational and literary achievement. Their mission is to show appreciation for poetry and show respect to national cultural heritage. They are dedicated to the goal of furthering the work of poets on the national level and they strive to bring together poets in the spirit of friendship, fellowship and understanding. The NFSPS sponsors fifty annual poetry competitions. In total they will issue over $6000 in cash awards from their various poetry contests. Annual conventions are held every year. The 2008 convention took place in Layton, UT while the 2009 convention is being held in Duluth, MN. The poets who attend these conventions have the opportunity to share poetry, inspiration and ideas that they can relay back to their home organizations.

Since October 17, 1959 when the National Federation of State Poetry Societies was first organized, they have issued over $200,000 in cash awards from holding poetry competitions. For fifty years the federation has placed its emphasis on the students of poetry. The 2009 annual convention will mark the 50th anniversary of the federation. Although it is too late to submit applications for the 2009 season, applicants are encouraged to get their applications in after January 1st of 2010 for the 2010 poetry scholarships. For more information on these awards visit Poetry Scholarships from the NFSPS Poetry Competitions. You could be the winner of the NFSPS award in 2010.

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