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Guidepost Young Writers Essay Contest Scholarship for Writing

*We just recieved notification that the Guideposts Magazine will no longer be sponsoring their Young Writers Contests and you can no longer apply. You can still feel free to read about the program below, if your the curious type.

Guideposts Magazine sponsors the Young Writers Contests. The Young Writers Essay Contest Scholarship for writing is available to 11th and 12th graders in high school. Every student who is interested in participating in these young writers contests will have to write on the topic provided. The topic is to write a first person story about a memorable or moving experience. The stories that the participants writes must be true and reflect a personal experience that the writer has gone through. Life is made up of many memorable and moving moments that mold people into the human beings that they become. How people choose to react to those moment’s touches hearts and souls for the remainder of their lives. This topic is chosen to encourage the participants to open up his or her heart and soul so they can share their story in the hopes of touching and helping a fellow human being. This is what Guidepost is all about.

The Young Writers Contests Essay must be no less than 1,200 words in length. The writing has to be unpublished and the original literature of he author. The essays have to be formatted as follows, typed and double spaced in a professional manner. The essay must show how faith in God has made a difference in their life. It does not have to be a sermon just an inspiring story that taught you a lesson about life. Make the reader walk a mile in your shoes. If you can do that than you will have an excellent opportunity of winning the Young Writers Contests.

First prize for the Young Writers Contest is $10,000. The second place prize is $8,000. The third place prize is $6,000. The forth place winner will receive $4,000 and the fifth place prize gives $3,000. Five other honorable mentions will receive a scholarship of $1,000 each. There is an eleventh and twelfth place award of $250 to help with college supplies. All entries must be received by November 24th of the applicable year. All participants must be in grades 11 and 12 or the equivalent grades in other countries. All entries must be submitted in English.

The goal of Guideposts is to be an emotional and inspirational ally. They want to help individuals connect to their faith, whatever that may be, and be able to better appreciate the valuable things that they have in life. They are dedicated to the premise of helping all human beings from all walks of life reach their maximum personal and spiritual potential. Guidepost is a nonprofit organization geared towards assisting on many different levels.

The 12 high school writing contests scholarships offered by Guidepost are highly sought after each and every year. It seems that everyone has a great story of inspiration to pass on in hopes of helping another human being. If you or someone you know is eligible for these awards and would like to enter this essay contest scholarship, make sure you mail or email your story by November 24th. The passionate style of your story, along with the heartfelt emotion that you share might just get you the $10,000 essay contest 2009 scholarship. For more information visit Young Writers Contests.

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