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Competing in Poetry Contests for High School Students

Poetry contests for high school students

High School Poetry Contest

There are numerous general writing contests out there if your still in high school, but those of you who love poetry can compete in poetry contests for high school students and start saving money to support yourself through college or help with other school-related costs at the present time.

Creativity can be an important asset for high school students who are trying to find ways for financing their way through college or a university. Although not all writing contests award scholarships, they do offer monetary prizes which can be used to partially pay for tuition and other college or university costs. These are still considered poetry high school scholarships.

There are many different scholarship poetry contests available for U.S. students and not all of them require students to write poems. Some contests are based on critiquing the work of poets, or on essays that ask you to focus on and explain your passion for poetry. However, apart from participating in poetry contests, a student who is looking for college funds can also participate in other creative writing contests which may be more or less challenging than a poetry contest. Keep in mind that some of these high school students poetry contest also charge participants particular fees, so you may want to scout thoroughly before deciding which contest or contests you want to compete in and decide if it’s really necessary to pay them.

The Poetry Out Loud Recitation Contest

The Poetry Out Loud contest focuses on the recitation aspect that comes with poetry. Seeing as this competition takes the form of oral art, it has gained popularity and spread nationwide starting with the spring of 2006. Ever since that year, the number of participants rose considerably, bringing it to as high as 325,000 students in 2009, according to the contests’ website.

The Poetry Out Loud contest is open to all US students from any state. The contest begins gradually, starting from the class-room and ending with the National Finals, at which the yearly National Champion is named. Out of all poetry contests for high school students, this one represents a fun activity that takes place in English classes and that sheds light on the dynamic aspects of the spoken word, theatricality and slam poetry.

This contest awards the national champion as much as $20,000, but other prizes are also given throughout various stages of the competition. This poetry contest for high school students awards each state-champion a prize amounting $200 and a trip with all expenses paid to the national championship finals.

Moreover, prizes are awarded for participants’ schools as well. For every school of a state champion, a $500 prize is given with the purpose of purchasing poetry books. $100 prizes are given to the first runner-up of each U.S. state, together with a $200 prize for their school’s library. Overall, prizes awarded throughout this poetry contest for high school students amount as much as $50,000.

Scholarship Poetry Contest of the Live Poets Society of New Jersey

The National High School Poetry Contest organized by the Live Poets Society of New Jersey is an annual competition directed towards students from all US high schools. Prizes offered range from $150 and $1,000, whereas the top winner of the contest gets as much as $2,500 in cumulative prizes which must be used as college scholarship. Moreover, this contest also offers winners the option of getting their poems published in the quarterly publication American High School Poets Just Poetry.

The contest takes places on a yearly basis and has already has more than 10 annual editions. Each year there are hundreds of Topical Winners and as many as 200 “Just Poetry!!!” winners, who receive a publication offer in the above-mentioned quarterly publication. The purpose of The Live Poets Society of New Jersey, the organizer behind the high school poetry competition, is to encourage young high school students with a passion for poetry to embrace their love for poems and continue following their passion for writing poetry.

Apart from these two poetry contests for high school students, there are many more competitions out there available either nationally or on a state-to-state basis. In order to learn more about how a student can benefit from scholarships and prizes offered though various contests, search on the internet or it’s advised to contact the counseling or guidance office of each high school because many new ones are notified directly to high schools for dissemination to HS students.

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