Poetry scholarships for college students are unknown, unusual, strange and sometimes simple.

Unknown Poetry Scholarships go Unclaimed

There are so many unknown poetry scholarships being offered today that many of these free poetry contest could turn into unclaimed scholarships. Consider this; and if your answer is yes to the following questions you may become a fulltime poetry competition pro who could possibly trade your poetry for scholarships . Are you a text champion? Can you put more meaning into 140 characters than most people can in 140 words? Take advantage of this unusual opportunity to make poetry in 140 characters or less!

Enter the Utmost Twitter Poetry Contest, and create a unique poem that is interesting and original. Pay your entry fee via paypal, and choose between religious or general topics. One $80 scholarship and one $20 scholarship will be awarded for each category. You have until the end of the year to create the best submission, so start texting!

If you’re interested in religious poetry, check out this opportunity to win up to $1,500 in poetry college scholarships. The Utmost Christian Poetry contest has been held each year for the past nine years, and awards approximately $3,000 in poetry prize money each year. This year’s deadline is at the end of February, so start writing now!

Think you have what it takes to become the next Robert Frost or Edgar Allan Poe? Submit your entry for this year’s poetry scholarship contest to the judges at the University of South Alabama. You may find yourself a winner of the Steve and Angela Stokes Scholarship, a unfamiliar scholarship poetry award of $1,000 for one undergraduate and one graduate student. If you are a full-time student who has completed at least one college course in poetry and maintained a grade point average (G. P. A.) of 2.5 or greater, you can apply for this unusual opportunity to earn money with your words.

This university also hosts the annual poetry scholarship contest for the Shelley Memorial Scholarship Award. Students who win this financial aid scholarship must have a G.P.A. of 2.5 or greater and have taken at least one college poetry course. This poetry scholarship offers $400 in tuition money for one graduate student and one undergraduate student who is enrolled full-time at the university.

Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois, offers a unknown scholarship opportunity for students who are entering their first fall semester at the college. If you’re interested, submit samples of your poetry and essays to the college before the February 2009 deadline. Winners will receive $750 in the fall semester and $750 in the spring semester from this poetry competition scholarship fund.

If you live in Ohio, don’t miss out on this poetry scholarship for high school students. Students who are planning to enroll in Kent State University may receive one of three tuition writing scholarship. First prize is $4,000, so you can’t afford to miss out on this unknown scholarship opportunity if Kent State is the school for you. The deadline is February 1, 2009 though, so start creating soon!

Another unknown poetry scholarship is being funded by Application Architects, a national software applications corporation. Their ulterior motive? It’s a public relations gambit for them, but for you it could mean more money for college. Don’t delay – apply today, and get your share of the writing scholarship money. You can’t afford to let thousands of dollars become unclaimed scholarships because you were too shy to share your poetry for scholarships.

The Poetry Out Loud Poetry Scholarship Fund is a scholarship for college that was first awarded in 2004. Since that time, semi-finalists and finalists have competed annually for the grand prize of up to $20,000 in money for college. This poetry college scholarship is financed by the National Endowment for the Arts and Poetry Foundation, and is awarded to one high school student each year.

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