Poetry scholarships for college students are unknown, unusual, strange and sometimes simple.

Amy Lowell Traveling Unique Poetry Scholarships


In 1925, a woman named Amy Lowell died and left a substantial unique poetry scholarship fund behind. In her will, she required that one person be chosen each year to receive a most unusual scholarship gift: a year abroad. This year, she directed, should be spent in a country that would most help the lucky recipient to develop his or her poetic art. 

Last year, 260 persons applied to be the lucky recipient of this scholarship for poetry award. The prize, offered in May 2008 went to Kathleen Graber, a fellow at Princeton University. Graber received an award of approximately $50,000, to be delivered in quarterly increments throughout the year. 

The judges who review these poems include a faculty member from Harvard University’s English Department, two well-known and respected poets, and the trustees of Lowell’s will (all of the trustees act together as one judge). The winner is required to spend the large majority of the poetry scholarship year away from the North American continent, and will stop receiving payments if she or he returns to the continent and remains for a period of time that is longer than the judges believe is reasonable.

The terms of Ms. Lowell’s will also stipulate that these poetry college scholarships could be awarded to the same person for two years in a row, and that the funds from this merit scholarship could be used to publish a collection of the recipient’s poetry. No one, however, has ever won the scholarship for poetry twice, and no collection of poetry has been published; the trustees feel that the income from the scholarship foundation allows only for the offering of a single yearly scholarship.

In order to qualify for this financial aid writing scholarship, a person must be born in the United States. In addition, he or she must be willing to spend a year away from the continent to improve their literary skills, unless a situation of pressing need develops. The winner does not have to be a published poet, or be enrolled in any educational or university program.

The poetry scholarship application deadline for each year is October 15. The deadline for the 2009-2010 poem scholarship award was October 15, 2008, so if you are interested in being part of this unique scholarship experience, you have almost an entire year to prepare your poetry application for submission. All applications should be submitted to the Boston legal firm administering Amy Lowell’s scholarship.

If you have the knack for making an odd phrase turn into beautiful poetry, take a moment to find out more about this unusual poetry grant award chance to travel to and spend a year in a foreign country. Have the experience of a lifetime, and enjoy the benefit of having all of your expenses paid by this unusually generous poetry for scholarship award.

You can’t win if you don’t apply, so find out more today about what you need to do to be part of Ms. Lowell’s dream for the future of literature and poetry in the United States. If you win, you won’t regret this one in a million exceptional poetry scholarship opportunity!

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12 thoughts on “Amy Lowell Traveling Unique Poetry Scholarships

  • Mike says:

    The Amy Lowell scholarships for poetry award amounts are:
    Mimimum Award: $50,000.00
    Average Award: $50,000.00
    Maximum Award: $50,000.00

    The required poetry sample that must be submitted to apply for this award is: The sample must not exceed either 40 typed pages or one printed volume plus no more than 20 typed pages of your most recent work.
    This is a very exceptional poetry scholarship that’s for sure, and one of the largest, in terms of scholarship money payouts!.

  • If you’re looking for an unusual scholarship way to earn money for college, you may find success in entering this unique poetry scholarship contest. You may just be the next T.S. Eliot or Robert Frost for which the committee is looking, so don’t miss out on this exceptional source of college tuition money just because you were too shy to apply. Your oddball humor, sharply witty comments, or your slightly weird perspective may be exactly what the judges are looking for!

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  • Alma R. Contreras says:

    “The word Love”

    A word that can kill,
    A word that can heal,
    A feeling so real,
    That is hard to reveal.
    The toughest of all,
    So tiny, so small.
    So powerful, so strong,
    Is it right or is it wrong?
    It lurks all around
    untill a victum is found.
    A petite meaningful word,
    Is it hate? No its LOVE!!!

  • Alma R. Contreras says:

    I really enjoy writting this poem it came directly out from inside me and what i seem to be feeling at this moment. Not only that but what i’m sure of teens feel as well.

  • darrin says:

    how do i sighn up for the peotry scholarship?

  • admin says:


    after reading the article posted on this website you can contact the sponsor directly with the information posted on each webpage. If you cannot find a way to apply let us know and we will reply to your comment.
    You can also do a quick scholarship search and click on the link ‘Find Free College Money’. This will get you started. Make sure you indicate that poetry/writing is your talent!

  • GinaCalabrese says:

    Hi, I am very interested in applying for a scholarship through my unique ability to create poetry from the heart. I have been through a lot in my life including a murdered brother- which happens to be one of the driving forces of my poetry. My poetry happens to reflect my new view of life and how precious life can be. I would love to apply through sharing some of the poetry I have created and I am hoping to soon publish a book of poetry. Please contact me or e mail me on how I could apply. Thank you so much.

  • admin says:


    you would have to go directly to the website, or call the organization sponsoring the scholarship to apply to anyone of these poetry scholarships on this site. It sounds you have a lot to offer in poetry and I would pursue it with vigor.

  • Remember me
    That dirt across the road
    You stare at after every week goes by
    Remember me
    That deadly disease
    With no cure
    That scary ghost
    That keeps awake the most
    Remember me
    That unplanned mistake
    Given away
    Like a rejected child
    Remember me
    That prayer
    With no answer
    That dream
    With no meaning
    That garden
    With no life
    That flower
    With no beauty
    Remember me
    That homeless woman
    In a cold winter night
    Begging for food and better life
    Remember me
    That music with no harmony
    That piece of heart
    With no emotion
    No expression
    Full of depression
    That teardrop
    You saw falling
    From that child’s eye dying with anger
    Remember me
    That piece of life
    Fading away
    Gone forever
    Remember me
    That voice consistently telling you to remember me.

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