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Poetry Scholarships are Easy with the Barbara Mandigo Kelly Peace Poetry Contest

If you’re tired of all the war and fighting in the world, the Barbara Mandigo Kelly Peace Poetry Contest offers poetry scholarships which are easy scholarships to share your positive perceptions of peace and human spirit through poetry. Best of all, you don’t have to be an adult to qualify. This merit award is offered based on three age categories: Youth (under age 12); Youth (aged 13 to 18); and Adults (over age 18).

The winners will receive a poem cash award. Each adult winner will receive $1,000, while young persons in the youth category will each win $200. If you don’t win a poetry cash award, though, your poetry may still be selected to receive an honorable mention.

Anyone in the world may enter this poetry contest, but the poems submitted must be written in English. Each entrant may submit up to three unpublished poems for consideration, and two copies of each poem are required. Adults only are required to pay an entrance fee of $15; entry is free to anyone aged 18 or younger.

The poetry scholarship foundation that selects the poets who act as judges for this contest for poetry is the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. This foundation reserves the right to publish the winning poems, and the poems as well as the winners will be listed on the foundation’s website. Writers are encouraged to keep copies, as the originals will not be returned.

The deadline for entering is July 1, 2009, and winners will be announced after October 1 of that year. The winning poems will be published on the foundation’s website. Poems that receive an honorable mention are also published.

Ironically, many of the poems in years past that have won the peace poetry scholarships contests center on the senseless destruction and painful aftermath of war and fighting. The few that focus on hope, future, and healing are published with an honorable mention. This is an odd twist for poetry for scholarships contest that claims a central theme of peace and hope for the future and the human spirit.

Whether this reflects the weird human tendency to focus on the negative, or whether it is a unique bias on the part of the judges or the submitting poets is hard to say. Nevertheless, reading the poems of past winners, it seems that those who have focused on war, rather than peace, have actually been victorious.

If you are a peacemaker with the soul of a poet, perhaps it’s time to try to reverse this discomforting trend. Turn your energy toward creating a poem honoring the beauty of peace and hope for mankind, and perhaps you will encourage the committee to see that poetry for scholarships can truly bring a vision of peace and hope, rather than the ravages of war.

Even if you’ve never published, don’t be shy about entering this relatively easy scholarship poetry contest. You may have written your poem from the unique and unusual perspective for which many published writers spend their lives searching!

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